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Options for indoor fun in Oneida County

With the unpredictable weather we’ve had this spring, you’re probably wondering what you can do to occupy your time spent indoors. Here are some ideas next time you’re stuck with a rainy day.MIN wine tasting

  • Dine somewhere you’ve never been. Oneida County has plenty of local restaurants, cafes, supper clubs, diners and bars for you to choose from. Many of the local food joints even offer live music for you to enjoy.
  • Visit a local art gallery or museum. With a number of local art and museum options in Oneida County, you’re bound to find something that you’ve never seen before. An area favorite is the Logging Museum in Rhinelander, which opens Memorial Day, where you can explore the world of the turn-of-the-century lumberjack.
  • Go wine tasting. The Three Lakes Winery produces nearly two dozen varieties of wine, and Brigadoon Winery in Tripoli has over 20, giving you plenty of wines to sample.
  • Shop! Use the rain as an excuse to hit up your favorite shops in Oneida County. Whether you’re looking for a vintage piece of art, watersports equipment, or a cool new pair of shoes, you’re sure to find a local shop to meet your needs.


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