ATVing \ay-tee-vee-ing\ n: favorite activity of people who love the smell of pine trees and motor oil


ATVing is a great way to appreciate the rugged beauty of the forests of Oneida County and gives you a chance to see wildlife.

The Enterprise ATV Trail and the Lynne/Little Rice ATV Trail offer more than 100 miles of 4-wheel fun. These ATV trails link to ATV trail systems in neighboring Langlade and Lincoln counties. Ride your ATV through some of the wildest country in the Northwoods.

The Lynne/Little Rice Lake ATV trail system offers 16 miles of woodland trails, 23 miles of connecting road routes and 76 miles of open town roads. The Enterprise Trail System provides miles of beautiful scenery. You’ll find plenty of stops along the way, making Oneida County’s ATV trails great for group and family rides.

Oneida County’s great lodging and amenities make it an ideal destination for ATVing vacations and getaways.