snow \ snoh \ n: prerequisite for winter fun

Downhill skiing & snowboarding

Oneida County is home to some fantastic downhill skiing and snowboarding. Camp 10, located about 10 miles southwest of Rhinelander, is a downhill ski area that offers a complete, family-friendly downhill ski experience.

Camp 10 includes 15 beautiful downhill runs, a chairlift, two t-bar lifts, a beginner tow rope, and ski, snowboard and snowshoe rentals. Night skiing and snowboarding is available. Beginners are welcome—there’s a ski and snowboard school that will get you started. The instructors can also help intermediate and expert skiers and snowboarders improve their skills. Camp 10 also has a cafeteria, so you can stay warm and well-fed while you’re at the facility.

While we receive ample amounts of snow in Oneida County, Camp 10 also makes its own snow, so you can be assured that the hill will be ready for fun when you arrive.