Northwoods Bum Three-day Oneida County Getaway

Are your vacations all about kicking back, relaxing and being lazy? This itinerary is just what the doctor ordered.

Day 1

Arrive at the Classic Oneida County Resort

Bright white cottages stand out against the dark green of the pines. The cheerful buildings and tall pines look postcard perfect in the sun. Check in, put your luggage in your cottage and then head out to sit on the pier for a little while before dinner.

Kick Off the Trip with a Classic Northwoods Fish Fry

What better way to kick off the trip than a classic Northwoods fish fry at a restaurant across the lake.

Evening Pontoon Boat Ride

After dinner, head back to the resort for a pontoon boat ride around the lake. See the cheerful cottages and cabins, waving at families out fishing on piers or anglers heading back to the dock. Watch the surface of the lake ripple with color as the sun sets.

Day 2

Dip at Dawn 

Wake up early and head to the resort’s sandy beach to take a swim in the lake. There’s nothing more refreshing than an early-morning dip when the mist is still hovering over the water. Dry off and relax on the beach while the rest of the world wakes up.

Activities Galore

There are so many things to do in Oneida County that it’s hard to decide where to start. Golf one of Oneida County’s excellent courses. Hike or mountain bike one of more than 20 different designated trails. Canoeing and kayaking is also available on the county’s rivers and lakes. Or, take a driving tour of Oneida County, stopping in the nine communities to explore, shop and sample the local fare.

An Evening of Relaxation

After a belt-busting dinner at one of Oneida County’s finest supper clubs, head to the dock for a sunset cruise on the Wisconsin River. Sit back and relax as you pass miles of forested river banks. Keep a sharp eye out for the white-tailed deer that come to the riverside to drink water. Bald eagles are sometimes seen as well. It’s a great time to savor the scenery and let all your worries slip away.

Campfire Before Bed

No trip to Oneida County would be complete without a campfire. Back at the resort, light up some logs and chat with traveling companions about the day’s adventures.

Day 3

Time to Head Home

After having breakfast at the resort, pack up your belongings and start heading toward home. Make a few stops before leaving Oneida County to pick up a few souvenirs. Then, hit the road, with happy memories of Oneida County in your heart.

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