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Oneida County is the best place to go for a good time on the trails. Ride as much or as little as you want—you’ll find plenty of great scenery and trailside spots to warm up and relax. Snowmobilers can ride more than 1,000 miles of outstanding Oneida County snowmobile trails. Thousands more miles of trails stretch across northern Wisconsin and into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Groomed nightly, Oneida County snowmobile trails rank as some of the Midwest’s finest. The communities of Oneida County have been serving snowmobilers for decades. Snowmobilers return to this part of the Northwoods year after year for the great snowfall and fantastic trails, as well as the many resorts and restaurants that cater to snowmobilers.

Area snowmobile clubs work hard to maintain the area’s exceptional trails. Be sure to thank them if you see them. These clubs put out quality maps of the snowmobile trails in the area. They also hold some lively fundraisers and events that are well worth supporting.

See the Oneida County snowmobile map (PDF).

Take the Snowmobile Safety Pledge

✔ I will stay on marked trails

✔ I will never drink and ride a snowmobile

✔ I will drive within the limits of my machine and my own abilities

✔ I will obey local and state snowmobile operating rules

✔ I will be careful when crossing roads and always cross at a right angle to traffic

✔ I will keep my machine in good shape and follow a pre-op check before each ride

✔ I will wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, boots, and a helmet with a visor

✔ I will let others know my planned route, my destination, and my expected arrival time

✔ I will not litter or damage trees or other vegetation

✔ I will respect other peoples’ property and rights and lend a hand when I see someone in need

✔ I will not snowmobile where prohibited

To learn more about snowmobiling in Oneida County and northern Wisconsin, visit

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