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To see beautiful wildlife in Oneida County, all you need to do is step outside. The lakes and forests of Oneida County are a major draw for wildlife. Deer, turkey, common loons and bald eagles are plentiful and provide early-morning walkers with ample opportunities for photos and observation. Sleeping in? They also put on a show that you can see tableside at an outdoor restaurant or from the front porch of your cabin. The high quality of habitat and huge tracts of wild lands makes Oneida County home to a number of rare woodland bird and plant species.

Hear a “knock, knock” at your door? It’s no joke: Oneida County is home to several different species of woodpeckers—including the three-toed woodpecker and the pileated woodpecker—as well as kingfishers, osprey, boreal chickadees, spruce grouse and gray jays. Bring a bird book to identify them all or just sit back and enjoy their company.

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