Northwoods Trailblazer Three-day Oneida County Getaway

Day 1

Arrive at Your Wooded Campsite in Oneida County

After parking your car, set up camp and take a walk down to the lake. The shores of this blue gem are undeveloped and the water is clean and clear. Take a swim and then head back to camp.

Bike to Dinner

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you should rough it. Oneida County boasts a selection of dining options to fit every palate. Hop on your mountain bike and head into town for a healthy dinner.

An Evening of Stars, Crickets and Frog Songs

The evening’s entertainment will be cosmic! Sitting out under the stars, listen to the sounds of the night and keep an eye out for the Northern Lights or a shooting star.

Day 2

Morning Paddle

There’s nothing like an early morning paddle. You have a number of paddling options in Oneida, including the Tomahawk River, Wisconsin River and Willow Flowage. The two rivers are slow-moving and offer canoeing and kayaking for paddlers of all ages and abilities. The Willow Flowage is perhaps Wisconsin’s best still-water paddling experience, with numerous islands and endless miles of shoreline to be explored. Have a picnic lunch on a dry riverbank or sandy beach.

Fat-tire Fun in the Afternoon

Choose from one of 20 different area trails for an afternoon of mountain biking. Trails range from paved bike paths to rugged single-track trails that cut back and forth through dense forests. If mountain biking isn’t your thing, trade in the two-wheeled steed for one with four legs: there are several horseback riding opportunities in Oneida County.

From the Lake to the Frying Pan

Back at camp, start thinking about fish frying in the pan. That will put you in the right mood to head down to the lake and catch crappie, bluegill, perch, walleye and northern pike for dinner. Clean and fry your catch and enjoy one of the greatest culinary delights in the world – fresh-cooked fish that you caught yourself.

Evening Entertainment

A campfire is the only way to spend the last night in camp. Roast marshmallows, make s’mores, tell tall tales and make memories around a roaring fire. When the flames go low, lay back and look at the stars above.

Day 3

Time to Say Farewell

Break camp and pack up the car. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and then stop for souvenirs and snacks for the drive home. Head down the highway with trailblazing memories of Oneida County trekking through your head.

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