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Minocqua/Kawaguesage Lakes Protection

“Welcome to Lakes Minocqua & Kawaguesaga

You will find our website to be a comprehensive source of local, county, and state information of what is happening around and impacting Lake Minocqua and Lake Kawaguesaga.

Organized in 1997, the Minocqua / Kawaguesaga Lakes Protection Association (MKLPA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer association dedicated to the preservation and protection of the lakes and surroundings for today and for the future. The association promotes the “Clean Boats, Clean Waters” initiative, water and boater safety, and lake and area information. The elimination and management of invasive species such as Eurasian Water Milfoil is a MKLPA priority.

The group is supported by membership, donations, and grants. Membership is open to all.

We believe our website will be an important tool in keeping all interested parties up to date on lake issues and what the Association and its members are working towards.”

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