Oneida County Winter Stats: It All Adds Up to Fun!

Oneida County is Wisconsin’s leader in winter fun. Whether you’re a snowshoer, cross-country skier, snowmobiler or angler, you’re going to love Oneida County this winter. Here’s all the vital stats you need to know before hopping in the car and heading north.

1,000 miles of snowmobile trails

The first rev of the engine. The sensation of the track gripping the snow. The feeling of the wind against your face. The realization that you’re grinning ear to ear. More than 1,000 miles of snowmobile trails wind their way through Oneida County. Learn more about snowmobiling.

17 cross-country ski trails

The sound of the skis sliding along the trail. The blue sky peaking through the tops of the pines. Feeling like you’re a thousand miles away from all your troubles. Choose from more than a dozen Oneida County cross-country ski trails. Find trail maps.

100’s of lakes

Sharpening the auger. Filling up the thermos. Pulling the sled out over the ice. Watching as the auger slowly cuts through the ice until you reach water. Feeling like winter has finally begun. Experience the joys of ice fishing on hundreds of Oneida County lakes. Learn about ice fishing in Oneida County.

8 friendly communities

Don’t wait to plan your Oneida County winter getaway. Find lodging, dining and shopping in Oneida County’s eight friendly communities. Start planning your getaway today.

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