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Why you should shop in Oneida County this holiday season

This season, put “Northwoods relaxation” on your holiday wish list. Oneida County’s stores have the selection and values that you’ll find in a big city along with specialty items you can only discover in northern Wisconsin. Here’s a look at some great places to go to find something for everyone on your list and why Oneida County is such a great shopping destination.

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Clothing & apparel stores in Oneida County:

Home decor & gift stores in Oneida County:

Specialty stores in Oneida County:

One-of-a-kind finds

Oneida County retailers offer a fantastic shopping value—our prices are competitive and our businesses offer unmatched service. Buy the latest outdoor gear from someone who has experience using the product in the field. Select a handcrafted home décor item from a person who has expertise in home design. Purchase a painting directly from the artist. In Oneida County, you can see what you’re buying and get helpful advice that will ensure you select the perfect item.

A personal touch

Shopping in Oneida County is a beautiful throwback experience. This is nothing like shopping on the Internet. Oneida County is a place where you’ll meet friendly store owners, hear holiday music playing in the background and may even get a free cup of cider. Take a stroll through one of our walkable communities and admire the holiday decorations. Discover unique stores you may have never visited before. Between shops, drive past snow-frosted pines and wind along quiet country lanes.

A relaxing experience

Take your time to relax in Oneida County. You’ll find plenty of comfortable lodging that will fit any budget. You’ll also find a wide selection of dining options. Enjoy a relaxing meal in a cozy supper club, friendly tavern or charming family restaurant. Savor the meal and unwind after a day of shopping in Oneida County.

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