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Summer fishing in Oneida County

For many anglers, summertime in Oneida County is pure heaven. The air is warm and the fish are biting. Ready to set anchor and cast a line? Here are a few tips.

All species can be targeted in the summer. This is the time of the year when musky hunters start pursuing their quarry—musky fishing in Oneida County begins on the Saturday closest to Memorial Day.

Musky anglers use bucktails early in the season, switching to crankbaits and jerkbaits as the summer progresses. Northern pike also provide action throughout the summer and often bite on the days when no other fish will look at your lures.

Walleye are perhaps the most popular summertime obsession among Oneida County anglers. The best fishing is in the morning and in the evening or on cloudy days. While fish can often be found on deep rock piles and mid-lake humps, there are a number of lakes and flowages in Oneida County that provide walleye action in the shallows. Look for fish in sunken timber and along the deep edge of weedbeds. Jigging is by far the most popular technique.

Bass fishing is excellent in Oneida County during the summer. Largemouth bass can be found in shallow backwaters and weedbeds and are easily enticed with large plastic worms and surface baits. Smallmouth bass—often reaching trophy size—can be found in deeper water.

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