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Fabulous fall fishing in Oneida County

Fall is arguably the best time of year to be fishing in Oneida County. Musky, walleye and northern pike seem to go on a feeding frenzy when fall rolls around. And, during the fall, fish seem to bite best in the middle of the day when the water temperature is at its warmest. It’s a great time to be out on the water.

During the fall, musky anglers should be tying on the largest baits they have in their tackleboxes. Walleye hunters should slow their jigging down to match the slowed metabolism of their quarry. Pike fishermen should target drop-offs and weedbeds.

There are always fewer anglers on the water during the fall, making it a great time to really relax while you’re on the water. You might just find you have the lake all to yourself.

The weather is fine and the fish are biting—you really need to fish Oneida County this fall.

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