Activities, Cross-country Skiing & Snowshoeing

It’s time to go snowshoeing

Oneida County offers nearly a dozen different snowshoeing opportunities. You can trek designated nature trails or walk alongside cross-country ski trails throughout northern Wisconsin.

Seasoned snowshoers know that winter in the Northwoods has a special beauty. The snow clinging to the pines, the wind-swept blueberry bogs, the stillness of a hemlock grove—there seems to be a picturesque quality to everything in Oneida County during the winter.

And, despite the cold weather, wildlife viewing can be excellent. Deer, ruffed grouse, songbirds and wild turkeys are all seen during the winter. The snow makes it easy to track animals. Look for the tracks of foxes, coyotes, wolves, weasels and other seldom-seen mammals. You’ll be amazed how many animals are active during the winter.

No matter where you plan to stay in Oneida County, you’re never more than a 15-minute drive from a trail. Trails range from 1 to 18 miles, giving you a variety of options. So, strap on your snowshoes and head to the woods!

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