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Wallet-friendly fall travel in Oneida County

Sure, those reds, yellows and oranges you see on the trees are pretty and all, but you know what color we’re thinking about this fall? Green. As in, the hard-earned cash you can save on a vacation to an affordable Northwoods destination like Oneida County. Here are a few fall travel ideas that won’t break the bank. Here are a few fall travel ideas that won’t break the bank.

Find a fall festival or event

Oneida County’s event calendar is filled with festivals and celebrations all year long, and fall is no exception. Head north to celebrate the harvest or watch an artist at work in their studio. (Plus, admission for lots of this stuff is free, so you can save your money for the essentials like food and beer.)

Here are some events you shouldn’t miss.

See more Oneida County events here.

Go on a fall color drive

Looking for another affordable fall activity? Call on Mother Nature. Every year, she paints northern Wisconsin’s aspens, oaks and maples in a stunning display that puts your 4K TV to shame. So, hop behind the wheel (or in the passenger seat; it’s easier to snap photos from there) and start your exploration.

Oneida County is home to two officially designated Rustic Roads, and they’re both easily accessible from the Minocqua Area. Rustic Road 58 follows Blue Lake Road west and Mercer Lake Road north toward Highway 70, passing the Bearskin State Trail and the Tomahawk River. Rustic Road 59 is more of a Northwoods wilderness road, consisting of gravel, mixed sand/gravel and paved portions as it takes you past log cabins used by the area’s early homesteaders.

But be careful: you might be so caught up in your drive you’ll have to refill your gas tank.

Enjoy the harvest

Fall is harvest season, so that means fresh goods of all sorts can be found in Oneida County. Head to the Hodag Farmers’ Market in Rhinelander, stop by Tomahawk Berry Farm (they’ve got pumpkins, too), take a sip at Three Lakes Winery or stop by a Minocqua restaurant for some down-home cooking when you’re Up North.

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